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Dynamic Balancing Technologies was founded in 2020 and is independently owned. DBT offers vibration analysis, dynamic balancing and preventative maintenance programs. Dynamic Balancing Technologies is headquartered in Macomb Township, Michigan.
About Us

Dynamic Balancing Technologies: 33 Years of Expertise in Vibration Analysis and Maintenance

Dynamic Balancing Technologies specializes in Predictive Maintenance, if your company is in need of a baseline analysis on a new install or monthly monitoring of machinery call or email us for more information. After 33 years of working in the industry, we have built an exceptional reputation all while continuing to gain the extensive knowledge required to bring quality cost-effective solutions to our customers. We have experience working with parts involving tight tolerances with high levels of repeatability, small ultra-high-speed components, electric motors, fans, pumps, armatures, and spindles. We are very well versed in servicing industries such as automotive, aerospace, textile, ethanol, steel mill, machine repair, and manufacturing facilities to name a few. One of the Dynamic Balancing Technologies’ specialties is Predictive Maintenance, if you need machinery monitored to analyze hot spot areas or simply to get a baseline analysis on a new install call or email us for more information.

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At Dynamic Balancing Technologies customer service is our number one priority. We offer highly trained staff with hands on experience to provide our customers with the highest quality vibration analysis, preventative maintenance programs and dynamic balancing. Email us today for a free phone consultation.

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The Benefits of Dynamic Balancing Technologies



We will do whatever is necessary to meet or exceed the required vibration specification unique to your project or application.



Our experienced and skilled team is committed to delivering a prompt, courteous and professional solutions at a competitive price.



Our customers can expect great attention to detail and proactive problem solving.